A caterpillar, a chrysalis, a butterfly with sparkling colors. A clod of earth, the dedication of a gardener, a luxuriant garden. A stone, the work of a master, a work of art.
This is how we like to think: that every caterpillar can become a beautiful butterfly, that a piece of dry land can become an earthly paradise, that a work of art can be created from a stone. Metamorphosis is always possible.
But it takes care, dedication, passion .This is why we are called Gruppobacus : a team of people who combine their skills to make metamorphosis possible.In recent years our energies have focused on a small village nestled in the hills of the province of Terni, the ancient Casventum, today San Gemini, whose name for over a century has been linked to that of the well-known mineral water and evokes positive sensations of quality, well-being, health. Our project is to make San Gemini an oasis of healthy life, linked to nature, art, time that flows placidly, silence, pure water, light air, the beauty of places and people; a place accessible to all, respecting nature and history, where it is possible to experience at any time of the year, even if only for a short stay, the serenity of a life with a more peaceful rhythm.